Insurance Cover for Milestone Restoration and Related Activities

The Milestone Society’s Insurance Broker reminds you that Society members’ cover does NOT extend to accidents while doing Milestone Society activities, whether that is roadside restoration, leading walks or organising meetings. This applies to both personal accidents and damage to property/vehicles. The Society is only indemnified against claims of negligence on its part.

So if you are undertaking any such activities, please ensure that you do a comprehensive, thorough risk assessment beforehand, and make up your own mind about the practicality, safety or otherwise of the activity, for yourself and other road users (both pedestrians and vehicles), and safe access/evacuation of meeting rooms. Responsibility and liability lie with you, not the Society.

If you are undertaking work on the fabric of a waymarker (rather than just repainting) it would be prudent to obtain a written ‘sign off’ of satisfactory completion by the Highways officer, to avoid liability for any accident or injury caused by the waymarker in the future, eg toppling over on a child.

Details of our insurance policy can be obtained from Mike Buxton,; you may need to show a copy of the certificate to get approval from a Local Authority to do roadside work.