Who do I talk to?

After you have considered what needs doing, finding the right person in authority to talk to is essential, there is someone with a sympathetic ear out there somewhere, but you may not find them at the first attempt.

Start with the Highway Authority – your County Council or Unitary Authority. Write to them by email or by post. There will be contact details on their website. Give them a week to respond. Follow up with a phone call or further email.

Keep calm. Be patient. You are dealing with busy people who do not have milestones at the top of their agenda.

There may be a contact with the Highway Authority’s contractor – perhaps a helpline.

Write to them by email or by post at the same time as you contact the County Council or Unitary Authority.

The Authority may still have a Conservation Officer or a Historic Environment Records Officer – either may provide support for your case. Parish Councils are sometimes keen and have discretionary funding.

If you don’t get a response from Highways, and your follow up phone call or email does not get a response, you can turn to your County Councillor or Unitary Authority Councillor for help. They should follow up your initial enquiry and make sure someone gets back to you.