Membership of the Milestone Society

Our national committee promotes the Society and sets its policies, campaigning on a national basis. We have around 400 members nationwide supported by a network of experienced County Contacts for local advice. The Society works to develop close contact with Highway Authorities, County Conservation Officers and local parish councils, as well as national bodies such as Historic England, CADW and Historic Environment Scotland.

We welcome anyone with an interest in milestones, waymarkers or turnpike history.

The subscription year begins on 1st June. Annual membership is £15 for an individual, £20 for two people at the same address receiving one copy of all mailings and £25 for Group or Corporate membership receiving two copies of all mailings. Overseas membership is £30 to cover the postage charges incurred. Any new membership taken out after 1st December will also cover the next subscription year commencing 1st June (ie up to 18 months for the price of 12.)

Members receive newsletters in February and in August, and the annual ‘Milestones and Waymarkers” journal (Publications - The Milestone Society). They may also attend for free our regular events such as our Conferences or informal Heritage Walks.

The Society needs to keep your personal details on computer in order to record your membership and to send you Society publications and notices - please see our Privacy Policy below. We will not share your information unless required to do so by law. Please ensure that you tell us your preferences for communication on your application/renewal form.

Alternatively, you may print off an Application/Renewal form here.

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The Society’s Aims and Objectives


  • To identify, record, research, conserve and interpret for public benefit the milestones and other waymarkers of the British Isles.



  • To publicise and promote public awareness of milestones and other waymarkers and the need for identification, recording, research and conservation, for the general benefit and education of the community at large
  • To enhance public awareness and enjoyment of milestones and other waymarkers and to inform and inspire the community at large of their distinctive contribution to both the local scene and to the historic landscape in general
  • To represent the historical significance and national importance of milestones and waymarkers in appropriate forums and through relevant national organisations
  • To organise and co-ordinate relevant practical projects at both national and regional/local levels, thereby enhancing public access
  • To protect, preserve and restore milestones and other waymarkers through the planning process, representing their significance to appropriate authorities locally and nationally
  • To manage the Society’s affairs in ways which maintain effective administration and appropriate activity, including the establishment of regional groupings through which to delegate and devolve the Society’s business.