Milestones and waymarkers have stories to tell - set in their stone!

Milestone Society members care about those quirky little lumps of rock or iron sitting quietly by the wayside and about the stories they have to tell. We enjoy sharing those stories with others, especially with those who will be the guardians of the milestones in the future.

The Project

With money from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Getty Foundation and other contributors, we set up a project in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, called ‘Beyond Graffiti’ to introduce 100 young people to stone and carving in the local landscape - including milestones and other waymarkers generally - with five events:

1. A visit to Shibden Hall in Halifax, to discover the history of ways and waymarking, the ancient carriages, to walk a turnpike and see a milestone then to spend time with a Master Waller trying dry stone walling

2. A day of carving motifs for waymarkers for the Dewsbury and Oakwell Country Parks and the Crossing the Pennines Heritage Trail, under the guidance of local sculptors;

3. A visit to Johnson’s Quarry and workshops to see Yorkstone Flags being hand-cut and also the very latest in NC machinery;

4. A second day of carving waymarkers;

5. A walk round the centre of Huddersfield, viewing the magnificent buildings and the public artworks ...

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Why is the project called ‘Beyond Graffiti’? Because graffiti is ephemeral – carved stone lasts for generations….


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