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The Society has published a growing and highly attractive collectable series of postcards featuring milestones in various counties; No. 22 celebrates restorations completed over the Society's first ten years and no. 23 demonstrates some of the varied mileposts along the canals.

1.  A reproduction of the cover of Mervyn Benford's SHIRE book
2.  A selection of milestone pictures in black and white from the Ken Diamond collection
3.  Yorkshire milestones (commissioned by the Yorkshire branch)
4.  A selection of all-metal markers plus a "Bow Bells" post
5.  The superb A49 example near Wigan
6.  Warwickshire milestones (branch commission)
7.  Huntingdonshire milestones (local history group commission via society branch)
8.  Worcestershire milestones (branch commission)
9.  Cornish milestones
10. Highways and Waymarkers of Yorkshire
11. The Vale of the White Horse
12. Dorset Milestones - Our County's Heritage
13. Dartmoor Milestones (published with support from DNPA)
14. Cumbria Milestones (1)
15. Cumbria Milestones (2)
16. Norfolk Milestones
17. Devon Milestones
18. Somerset Milestones
19. Cheshire Milestones
20. Surrey Milestones
Card 21, Essex 21. Essex Milestones
22. 10th Anniversary postcard
Canal Milestones card 23 23. Canal Mileposts
24. South Wales

The price of individual cards is 25p, or buy five for £1; please include two second class postage stamps with your order, or add the equivalent value to the cost of the cards. Cheques should be made payable to: The Milestone Society.

Further information and orders for the cards should be addressed to:

John Atkinson
Hon Sec, Milestone Society
Walkley Hill