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Conservation Guidance

Over the past decade, the Society has built up considerable expertise in the conservation and restoration of milestones and mileposts, assessing the effectiveness of various treatment methods. Where to position or reinstate milestones and safe working practices also feature in the policy and guidance notes that have been developed in discussion and conjunction with other interested bodies including English Heritage and Highways Authorities.

Milestone Society Policy and Guidance

Current versions of policies and guidance are listed below with links to downloadable copies. Each document has been through several iterations and although most of the content is now fixed, users should check the date and version number of any copies made from this list.

Surveying Milestones

Conservation and Site Work on Milestones

English Heritage approved restoration guidelines for milestones

Commissioning a New or Replacement Milestone

Some Sources of Funding for Heritage Projects

Practical Examples of Milestone Conservation

Glossary of terms relating to wayside features

Draft versions of terminology describing milestones and fingerposts