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Publications about milestones and related topics

Mervyn Benford: Milestones (Shire Publications Ltd., Princes Risborough; 2002); 48pp, ISBN 0 7478 0526 1. Price £4.99

Carol Haines: Marking the Miles, A History of English Milestones (self-published; 2000); 188pp, ISBN 0-9538885-0-9. Price £12.

Alan Rosevear: Milestones and Toll Houses on Old Turnpike Roads (self-published); 23pp. Price £2.60. This is part of a series of monographs on roads across the Upper Thames Valley - further details are available from the author (e-mail:

Howard Smith: The Guide Stoops of the Dark Peak (self-published; 2000); 80pp, ISBN 0-9521541-3-7. Price £5.

Howard Smith: The Guide Stoops of Derbyshire (self-published; 2000); 109pp, ISBN 0-9521541-4-5. Price £6.99

Ian Thompson, Cornish Milestones, the development of Cornwall’s roads in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (Twelveheads Press) 184pp, £18.50 (Order on line from post free).

Jamie Quartermaine, Barrie Trinder, and Rick Turner: Thomas Telford's Holyhead Road - The A5 in north Wales (CBA Research Report 135) (Council for British Archaeology; 2003); 182pp, ISBN 1-902771-34-6. Price £19.95. Copies may be purchased from the Secretary.

Stuart Slack: Manx Milestones (The Manx Experience, Onchan, Isle of Man IM3 3BW, 2003); ISBN 1 873 120 583. Price £7.99

Richard K Morriss: The Archaeology of Roads (Tempus Pub. 2005); 304 pp, ISBN: 075242887X. Price £19.99.

David Viner: Discover Dorset - Roads, Tracks & Turnpikes (Dovecote Press, 2007); 80 pp, ISBN: 9781904349143. Price £4.95.

Andrew Emmerson & Peter Bancroft: A, B, C and M: Road Numbering Revealed (Capital History, 2007); 94 pp, ISBN: 9781854143075. Price £7.95.

Worcestershire Group of the Milestone Society: Finding Worcestershire Milestones (Milestone Society, 2007); 32 pp, ISBN: 9780955753800. Price £3.50.

William Albert: The Turnpike Road System in England 1663-1840 (CUP, repr.2006, first pub. 1972); 300 pp, ISBN: 9780521033916. Price £27.99.

The Ken Diamond collection of photographs

The Ken Diamond collection of photographs is a unique compilation of about 4500 photographs of milestones and other street furniture (e.g. fingerposts, obelisks, letter boxes, bridges, crosses, road & street signs, plaques, etc.) now copied and recorded onto CD and DVD by Milestone Society member Frank Minto. It is a resource of great value to anyone with an interest in any area of this aspect of our heritage. Please note: the material recorded on the disc(s) is the Copyright of the Milestone Society 2009 and is for the purchaser's own personal use only. The images are the property of the Milestone Society and must not be reproduced or published in any form without the prior consent of the Milestone Society. For matters regarding such consent, please contact Frank Minto at the address given below.

The collection can be purchased for £2.50 and is available as either two CDs (CD-R or CD+R format) or one DVD (DVD-R or DVD+R format) by sending a cheque made payable to 'Frank Minto' at the following address:

Frank Minto
10 Derwent Place
S73 0RT

Please state clearly the type of disc required (i.e. CD/DVD, -R / +R

Enquiries can be made to Frank Minto (e-mail: